We are working towards a sustainable future

through engineering projects to empower vulnerable communities with access to safe drinking water and shelter.

Our programmes are guided by these four thematic focus areas.

Education for all

We promote education
for university students and entrepreneurs

Education is essential for people regardless of age or gender, religion or physical capacity. We promote education for university students and entrepreneur through engineering skills to influence the lives of others.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

We deliver basic social services to the vulnerable communities

Since Somalia government collapsed 1991. people depended on groundwater as a result of  civil war, most of the water infrastructures that were managed by the previous government became out-of order including water services; this make country very poor and reduces ability to recover. EWB-Somalia committed to provide installation and maintenance of water systems

Sustainable livelihood

Climate change has exacerbated global crises. Particularly in Somalia

As livestock and agriculture form the basis of the Somali population’s livelihoods, the country is highly vulnerable to the current and future impacts of climate change such as recurrent chronic droughts and seasonal floods which have resulted a severe emergency and the loss of lives. our programs seeks to build sustainable livelihood to the nomadic people by providing  essential services including clean water basic toilets and shelter as well as addressing awareness of climate change 

Shelter & None Food Items

We help IDPs to get place to call home and other essential household items.

EWB-Somalia plays a key role in helping displaced people to get place to call home and other essential household items. We aim to build houses vulnerable communities to protect  risks of displacement and  enable them to live a stable and sustainable life. To achieve our goals this starts with saving lives by providing temporary shelter during the emergency crisis, and continues effort until  transform a settlement into a community.